Heat pumps and photovoltaic carports

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Heat pumps

In addition with solar power plants, we also install heat pumps of best quality brands (Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Daikin,…) with extremly quiet and economical operation. In combination with micro-solar power plants, these heat pumps are the best solution for the self-sufficient houses.

Photovoltaic carports

Photovoltaic carports offer an elegant and modern solution for storage of vehicles of different sizes, ranging from small cars to vans.

Carport integrated PV modules generate electrical energy which is directly fed into the power grid or stored in the battery pack under the carport (option).

In combination with EV charging station(s), the PV carport offers charging of electrical or plug-in hybrid vehicles in a variety of range and connector types.

The PV carport is a visually attractive and technically advanced solution towards enery self sufficiency also at locations where classic PV (house or office) installations cannot be erected.

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